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Men's fashion has never been as prominent within the industry as it is now; and if you want to be seen as the next style savvy, knowing the basics is imperative. Trends are ever-changing and it is not an easy task to keep up. Despite this, having a wardrobe which is fashionably inept thus forcing your social status to deteriorate then something needs to be done!

In the past, men have disregarded fashion but as they are becoming more fashion-conscious, are you being left behind? Coming across as having some kind of fashion sense can be an extremely attractive quality to possess - so broaden your horizons and jump on the men's designer clothing bandwagon. Boost your self-esteem with these fashion tips and find yourself delving more into men's fashion with designer clothing.

1. Underwear needs to remain underneath. There is nothing worse than dressing similarly to a seventeen year old boy. One of the worst qualities for a man is dressing younger than they look to hold onto that last inch of their youth - it is neither attractive nor acceptable within the fashion world. So keep your pants up and buy a belt.

2. Focus on fit. A lot of men are dressing in clothes either too small or too large for them; ill-fitting clothes could drown your masculine physique. Wearing attire that fits can instantaneously make you feel more comfortable and confident. Designer clothing tends to be a much better fit than high-street clobber.

3. Invest in a man bag. If you are set in your ways then this may seem daunting but it is definitely a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. Pocketing all of your necessities can both damage the material and make you feel uncomfortable. Having a stylish bag to put all of your things in is a must - and they are not going out of fashion anytime soon.

4. Do not walk around like an advertisement. Branded t-shirts used to be popular back in the nineties but they are most definitely not a stylish way of dress in the 21st century. Patterns are acceptable and can be very stylish - prints are also very popular at the moment for men's fashion. This means you can find a stylish alternative to your heavily branded t-shirts and add to your sense of style.

5. Ties are timeless. Believe it or not there are trends and rules within fashion about your ties. Accessorising a shirt, whether casual breitling superocean or smart, with a tie can prove to be a big boost on your fashion-consciousness. Make sure your tie is touching your belt as any higher it could look disorientated - breitling chronomat also slim-fit ties are very in this season.

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