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Hospitals, medical centers, and healthcare facilities cater to the sick, diseased, injured, and dying. As a result, these places can harbor high concentrations of germs, bacteria and harmful pathogens. To prevent outbreak of infections and to ensure that the patients have hygienic, sanitized settings to recover well in, it is essential to maintain hospitals with commercial steam cleaners.

Unlike traditional cleaning equipment that is designed to maintain just a limited number and types of surfaces, commercial steam cleaners are ideal for maintaining different surfaces such as countertops, stainless steel equipment, hospital machinery, wheelchairs, floors, upholstery, mattresses, bedding and furniture. When equipped with anti-bacterial technologies, commercial steam cleaners also help thoroughly disinfect these surfaces. This sanitization function helps disinfect emergency rooms, laboratories, operating rooms, labor rooms and restrooms without resorting to potent, and often harmful, chemical sanitizers.

Patients in hospitals spend most of their time on their beds. Naturally, the bedding and mattresses must be deep cleaned to ensure that they are exceptionally clean and disinfected. Simply dusting or vacuuming will not help kill bed bugs and remove dust mites, skin cells, urine stains and blood stains on mattresses. To eliminate all these and destroy germs and bacteria, it is important to utilize commercial steam cleaners.

One serious issue with maintaining mattresses is eliminating bed bugs. Most hospitals try every technique available before finally calling in cleaning professionals to eliminate bed bugs. However, since bed bugs are sensitive to high oil mill temperatures, all you have to do to eliminate them is to use steam cleaning equipment with anti-bacterial technologies.

The super-heated steam produced by industrial steam cleaners help dissolve tough stains of food, oil, dirt, palm oil processing machine blood and urine from mattresses and bedding. The stubborn deposits that have been softened by steam can then be extracted thanks to the powerful vacuum extraction functions of vapor steam cleaner machines. In fact, always opt for a steam cleaning machine with vacuum extraction for hospital maintenance. Simultaneous vacuum extraction goes a long way in increasing productivity by quickly removing stains and residues as they are dissolved by the high temperature steam. In addition, bed bug removal is made easy, as operators can kill bed bugs with high temperature steam and concurrently extract them.

Deodorizing is another capability of the best steam cleaning equipment. Urine and sweat on bedding can cause bad odors. Hot steam up to 386 also helps effectively remove these odors by eliminating the source. This deodorizing feature aids in improving the quality of air as well.

In addition to mattresses, cleaning of a range of hard surfaces can be tackled by steam cleaners. Carpet and upholstery spot removal can also be completed, though complete carpet cleaning requires the use of a carpet cleaner or extractor.

Unique Cleaning Functions

The latest models of steam cleaning equipment offered by leading suppliers now feature the powerful HEPA filtration technique. The HEPA filter system provides unmatched results in filtering dust mites, allergens, pollen and almost all kinds of particulate matter. This means the mattresses, carpets, upholstery, floors and equipment in hospitals can now be dust-free. To help you easily dispose of this extracted debris, these industrial steam cleaners deposit these particles into water.

Vapor steam cleaner systems are capable of functioning as wet vacuum cleaners as well. This function aids in extracting every trace of moisture from floors and mattresses and leaving these surfaces absolutely clean, dry and sanitized. This vacuuming feature also saves you effort since you do not have to wipe away moisture manually.

Commercial steam cleaner machines are highly appreciated by maintenance staff since the high-density steam generated by these versatile steam-based machines help clean hard surfaces such as bathroom fixtures, food trays, bedpans, sinks and toilets. Purchase a steam cleaning product today and transform your hospital into a truly clean, hygienic and disinfected place.

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